So I could pay attention to The Goonies, which my school mates are watching right now, or I could post to USENET while eating the RA's vegetarian chilli with quinoa. Here's two interesting links ('cause I'd like to clear the tabs that are open to them on my iPad mini.).

S. Alexander Reed writes a critical essay on industrial music.

Re: Chicago's Convergence 20 Bid Proposal

Greetings, good sir!

Thank you for your gracious salutation and be assured that it is returned 20-fold from myself and all of the Chicago C20 committee! We are all sincere in our intentions to throw One Hell of a Great Party for our community so whatever the resulting locale, we look forward to converging for the festivities!

Re: Chicago's Convergence 20 Bid Proposal

Hail and well met, Scary Lady Sarah

I raise a glass of the finest whisky and toast your bid.

Yes, I'm co-chairing a competing bid.

But we are all friends here and may we each do our best.

If this were alt.callahans I'd toss my glass into the fireplace (meant
as a Good Thing). Since this is alt.gothic I'll pour myself another

Re: Convergence 20 Bid -- Washington DC: A Capital Offense

Great! In the past several years there are several new things in DC, such as the annex to the Air & Space Museum [where they keep one of the old space shuttles on display... though technically this is out in Virginia], the Newseum, the MLK memorial, the WWII memorial, and the American Indian musueum (another Smithsonian).